Corporate Communication

Business communication is a complex task, needing far-sight and experience. Communicative elements on various levels must work together to function properly and effectively. Successful communication in business entails time and continuity; the road to an established corporate identity is lengthy. J.U. Hasecke accompanies businesses along this road, each step a step closer to their objectives.

Corporate Identity

Following your business’ declarations, Jan Ulrich Hasecke develops the substantial, communicative, and graphical concept needed for a respectable corporate identity. The corporate design is developed and created in collaboration with the graphic artist Walter Kellermann.

Public Affairs

Press work and public affairs are an essential part of the corporate communication. Jan Ulrich Hasecke designs and develops PR-concepts, composes informative works for the public press, and assists in the organization of events that are press-effective.

Business Reports

An increasing number of businesses grant themselves an annual business report, though they are not obliged to do so. Instead of printing image brochures, businesses inform their corporate partners about their productivity, efficiency and capacity in form of appealingly illustrated facts. J.U. Hasecke conceptualizes and coordinates the composition and design of such business reports from the initial idea up to the final publication.

Image Brochures

Advertisement is ideally convincing and inspiring. This is also true for the classical image brochure, with which the business is publicly presented. The image brochure illustrates the corporate identity, expressing both concepts and organization of your business.