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Fields of Business

Jan Ulrich Hasecke has acquired much experience in numerous field of business, working independently on complex problems and quickly and efficiently finding the individual tone for each field of work. These capabilities will save your business time and money, guaranteeing quality results right from the start.


FabrikfassadeJan Ulrich Hasecke has achieved pleasing results for ministries, public and private Real-estate businesses. His accomplishments range from image campaigns, info-events, and advertisement, to brochures and presence in the world-wide web. The challenging tasks include such as the privatization of former corporate housing in former East Germany, working on environment-friendly city-planning, building of facilities for disabled persons, and the marketing of larger real-estate aerials.

Automobile Industry

TachoB2B is a highly interesting field for communication specialists working in the automobile industry. Due to the consistently expanding corporate structure of businesses, the communication between producer and contract partner has become essential. Jan Ulrich Hasecke participates in enticement initiatives, as well as in programs informing and motivating employees of the automobile industry. The focal point of his work in the B2C field is set on marketing campaigns improving sales and strengthening customer relations in the service field.

Pharmacy and Health Industry

Medikamente in PackungHaving gained years of valuable experience in marketing for the pharmaceutical industry, J.U. Hasecke has created effective advertisement not only for ethical products, but also and especially for OTC products. Apart from this, he has also contributed to image and PR campaigns for health insurance companies and numerous pharmaceutical businesses.

Machine Industry and Investment Products

StahlspiraleWether ore mills or milking machines, lock systems or electric pumps, J.U. Hasecke has always found the fitting words for each individual product. He succeeds in creating catchy and convincing advertisement that emphasizes the customer’s / client’s benefits and advantages.

Communication Technology and Information Technology

At-ZeichenIn this sector, products and services correlate stronger with one another than in other fields. Due to growing complexity, internal communication within a business along with the B2B sector, have become a decisive factor for a successful business. Challenges, through which J.U. Hasecke has acquired much experience and knowledge.

Service Industry

Springender MenschThe specific requirements needed in the service industry are as individual as the types of offered service themselves. Here too, J.U. Hasecke has gathered experience through successful work in the B2B and B2C fields with insurances, banks, business consultants, health care businesses, and research institutes.

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